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Third Year
The Dream


First Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Second Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Third Year
The Dream

Fourhth Year
Clinic of the Symptom

Fifth Year
Clinic of the Fantasy

Sixth Year
Clinical Strategies and
the Different Psychical Structures


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The Dream :
Triggering of the Analytic Experience
An analysand coming to the analyst with his/her demand encounters a desire to know, which questions the prerequisites rather than the content of the demand. The unexpectedness of this untoward encounter with the defect of the Other opens space then to be filled by the return of a jouissance which had up to then been prescribed. The dream marks the triggering of the experience.

- The Response of the Dream -

As the response of the unconscious, the dream opens up a space of signifiers for the impasse of the drive. It responds with the signifiers to a question an encounter with the real had posed to the subject. It reveals the spontaneous work of jouissance within which the subject is confined, in the pathways of the signifier, to make up for what may block or be a failing of the demand made to the Other.

- The Treatment of Jouissance Through the Dream -

The repetition that forges its way with the triggering of the experience is maintained by a jouissance. The subject calls upon the Other to limit it. The insistence of the signifier uncovered by the dream is motivated by the defect of the Other which precludes any response to the subjectís expectations. The dream treats this defect by a chaining of the signifier, but not without making its way to desire where it converts the jouissance.

- From Repetition to Structure in the Cinic of the Dream -

Through the engaging of the signifier and by its failure to treat jouissance, the clinic of the dream leads to the unavoidable of repetition. At the mercy of repetition, the dream reveals what "does not cease not to be written". What it offers up as knowledge of the unconscious to the analystís desire leaves unresolved the question of what is at stake in the failure of the signifier.

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