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Sixth Year
Clinical Strategies
and the Different Psychical Structures


First Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Second Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Third Year
The Dream

Fourhth Year
Clinic of the Symptom

Fifth Year
Clinic of the Fantasy

Sixth Year
Clinical Strategies and
the Different Psychical Structures



- From Phenomenology to Structure -
How can structure, phenomenology and experience be distinguished? A certain transference approach such as ''affective transference'' has given rise to a degree of confusion between structure and phenomenology. Interpretation groundet in such a conception places more emphasis on phenomenology than on structure, the latter dealing with the specific relation of a subject to the Otherís Absence in relation to the work of the jouissance.

- The Neurotic and the Other -

What is the neurotic subjectís relation to the Other as regards the work of jouissance, which detaches the body as an  object? The production of the Father of appeal to the Father appears as a provisional remedy in which the subject abandons, to the Other, all ethical responsibility in relation to jouissance. The choice of Father reinforces the mechanism of repression in which the subject is lulled into the illusion of escaping the work of the death drive. For the neurotic, the necessity to produce the feminine orgasm strengthens the illusion of a desire whose object would be sexual.

- The Psychotic and the Savoir -

The psychotic meets with us having knowledge (''savoir'') imparted from the Other about a disorder or defect introduced into the universe. He professes to be able to counter this nameless jouissance by means of work that constitutes the very substance of his mission in life and his raison díêtre. We would never have had this meeting if some event or accidental had not provoked a stoppage, catastrophic for the psychotic, of this enterprise of restoration. Our welcoming of his knowledge (''savoir'') places us in a position of disciple, the reversal of which is an essential pre-condition to any possible treatment through transference. But from the start, the bearer of the knowledge (''savoir'') is at variance with and balks at the very idea of such treatment.

- The Pervert and Demonstration -

The pervert invites us to a demonstration where the premises, just like the conclusion, will never be revealed to us. At the heart of the scenario staging this demonstration, the resolute occultation of the erotic body being detached by the Otherís jouissance is organized around the promotion of a montage in which the pervert reveals a formidable knowledge of the powers of sex. In this operation, he sustains the inexistence of the Other to ensure the jouissance of it by occupying its place.

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