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About us

is a non-profit organization whose aim is:

  • To respond to current challenges through effective innovations that cannot be assimilated into the structures of traditional mental health institutions…
  • To promote a global and structural approach that acts on conditions and causes rather than an approach that focuses on more limited symptom-driven interventions…
  • To create and promote clinical centers, research groups, programs and projects aiming at the improvement of clinical and socio-cultural interventions through an interdisciplinary approach…
  • The objective is thus always both medium-term and long-term, as it is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach whereby ongoing research informs the orientation, management, and implementation of interventions.

Established in 1977, Gifric brings together more than thirty professionals from diverse disciplines, such as psychoanalysis, the humanities, the arts, the health sciences, etc.

Gifric maintains its financial autonomy by utilizing only money collected through clinical services, publications, training, and member contributions and investments. Since it’s creation, Gifric has never received government subsidies. This financial independence ensures that the organization has full freedom of thought and action.

Through innovative endeavors, Gifric supports and promotes new ethics as it joins its regional, national, and international partners in transforming conventional realities. These partners include public and private institutions, organizations, and businesses. With these groups, Gifric works to establish new places for study and projects in the areas of:

  • International cooperation in research and training;
  • Socio-cultural factors that impact how we live together in society;
  • Health as a cultural problem;
  • The family as the basic unit of social co-existence, and thus as an important factor in the problems of society;
  • Art as witness to the possibilities and challenges within culture;
  • Research supporting the original clinic.

Gifric also offers to its partners and to desiring others the opportunity to learn about the new possibilities that can emerge from the ethical position of it’s clinical training programs, educational offerings, and training opportunities in areas as diverse as psychoanalysis, mental health interventions, research in the social sciences, etc. Gifric regularly encourages and provides forums for open debate and discussion through conferences, seminars, working groups, and publications.

Organigramme du GIFRIC

Groupe interdisciplinaire freudien de recherche et d'intervention clinique et culturelle

342, boul. René-Lévesque ouest,Québec, Qc, Canada,G1S 1R9