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First Year
Objectives of the Analysis and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts


First Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Second Year
Objectives of the Analysis
and Clinical Aspects of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Third Year
The Dream

Fourhth Year
Clinic of the Symptom

Fifth Year
Clinic of the Fantasy

Sixth Year
Clinical Strategies and
the Different Psychical Structures


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- Beyond the Pleasure Principle -

The cultural demands and requirements that are carried by the symbolic order impose constraints on the satisfaction of biological needs, which open the being to something beyond the pleasure principle

What can the psychoanalytic cure offer to the human subject who is in the grasp of a desire that transcends these demands and requirements but who remains captive to language?

- The Effraction That Constitutes the Human -

In practice, the signifier reveals itself as lacking with respect to what remains out of language and beyond the limits of pleasure, and thus reveals the defect in language. The effraction that constitutes the human, and that opens, in the being, a beyond of the limits of pleasure, introduces the being to the possibility of an aesthetic that defines the lack that subjects the being to a desire. The lack around which the subject is constituted is not foreign to this heterogeneity that renders the signifier incompatible with jouissance.

- The Structure of the Address -

The collective reproduces, ideologically, its values, its norms, and its prohibitions, by defining what is receivable and what is unspeakable. The relationship of companionship between members of the collective pass through the structure of the address where the Other is the guardian of both the receivable and of the cultural montage of the sexual. Speech, therefore, becomes a risk for the subject of the unconscious.

- The Psychic Structures -
Psychosis, Neurosis and Perversion

Beginning with Freud, the psychic structures are logically determined with respect to the relationship of the subject to the signifier of the Father. The clinic of repression in neurosis, of denial in perversion, as well as of foreclosure in psychosis, have reinforced the accuracy of Freudís first intuition. But in the context of mondialisation, which is where we will live from now on, these psychic structures and their clinics must be reexamined in the light of the stakes and challenges of a situation where the return of what is out of language calls into question the limits of the receivable.

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